Define key behaviors

Agree upon how you will operate and interact in order to simplify decision making and do the right things in the right way.

Workers who are empowered to take action and claim to have autonomy grow companies four times faster than within traditional management structures.


You often hear of work referred to as a team sport. If work were a game, and the objective of that game was to achieve your purpose together, what would the rules be? Consider for a moment why there are rules in any game in the first place. By defining rules, everyone knows what’s acceptable and what is not. Players know how points are scored and why penalties are called. Rules ensure everyone has equal footing. New players are able to quickly learn how to play.

Create the rules by which you will work better together and ensure everyone is able to compete to win. Move away from posters on the wall to put your values into practice.

Define key behaviors

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Determine whether everyone understands the rules and what is acceptable.

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Define key behaviors

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• Principles for living: An operating system for life [ Farnham Street ]
• Clear guiding principles are the best way to scale a team while keeping them aligned. Without a set of principles, organizations begin to fracture. [ Intercom ]

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