Hold people accountable

Commit to living the principles you put in place. Reward or address behavior accordingly to achieve outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Thriving cultures are twice as likely to grow revenues and three times less likely to have layoffs.


We understand how financial investments compound over time. A modest daily investment of $20 with typical returns will yield a million dollars in less than 30 years. Compounding has similar benefits to relationships and collaboration. Let’s account for behavior as diligently as we manage our financial accounting.

Trust is built upon consistent behavior. Negative compounding occurs when we tolerate bad habits and unresolved conflict. We frequently set and measure organizational success in terms of percentage growth. Imagine what a 5% monthly improvement in collaboration would yield annually.

Culture is just the compounding effect of behavior over time. Present behavior is the most effective leading indicator of organizational health. Focus performance management on regulating key behaviors to reap the exponential benefits.

Hold people accountable

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• How To Manage Through Chaos [ Jim Collins ]

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