Our mission

Make work one of the healthiest relationships in your life.

Our Founders

Elaina carpino

Elaina is an inspirational leader with over 20 years experience working in Fortune 500 firms like Dow Chemical, Owens Corning, Nationwide and Tesla.

She is motivated to ignite the limitless potential of high performing teams through operational excellence, business process optimization and purpose driven frameworks.

justin knecht

Justin has spent the last two decades leading design teams and implementing innovation programs in the private, corporate and public sectors. While at LUMA Institute in Pittsburgh, he oversaw the design and development of LUMA Workplace which is used in thousands of organizations around the globe to apply human-centered design methods as a means to repeatable innovation.

Whether he’s working with early-stage tech startups in Dublin, financial service providers in Asia, or personnel within U.S. government agencies, Justin is most excited to create conditions where creativity and innovation can thrive, and where people can support each other to do the best work of their lives for the people they serve.

Change is hard. Change is heart work.